In 2014 a couple of women from Dunoon met at Boost Africa Foundation to learn knitting. In time, the first sewing course was born with two old Bernina sewing machines donated from Switzerland.

There was so much interest with a waiting list of over 100 individuals from the Dunoon community who wanted to learn sewing. We managed to find more machines and started offering an eight-week basic sewing course equipping learners with the skills to design a basic pattern, cut and operate a sewing machine.

Since 2015, 300 individuals have completed our course and we are currently employing five sewing centre graduates who are teaching and making products to sell.

On Friday some of our ladies completed their course in Basic Sewing! They made various items, one of which being these lovely umbrella skirts they were wearing! 
After a little modeling and picture taking, we all sat down for a light lunch and fellowship!

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Welcome to our #instagram account! We’re new here too and we’re finding our feet. We’re excited about our journey with the #sewingcenter and hope to share all our highs and lows with you, our #community. 
#instagram #npo #southafrica #capetown #womenempowerment #dunoon #thesc
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